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On June 28, 2023 the California Transportation Commission (CTC) awarded the Nevada County Transportation Commission $14.6 million of Trade Corridor Enhancement Program (TCEP) funding for southbound improvements on the State Route 49 corridor between the McKnight Way Interchange and La Barr Meadows Road.
Please visit the 2045 Nevada County Regional Transportation Plan Update project website at:  http://www.nctc2045rtp.com/
to show us exactly what you hope to see and where you want to see it! Use our interactive mapping tool to move around Nevada County and leave any feedback, comments, ideas, or suggestions:
On December 7, 2022 NCTC was awarded $19.3 Million for Cycle 6 Active Transportation Program Project Applications
Nevada County Transportation Commission and Placer County Transportation Planning Agency are working in coordination with Caltrans District 3 to develop the SR 49 Comprehensive Multi-modal Corridor Plan (CMCP) to update the previous corridor plans. 
NCTC and Caltrans are soliciting valuable feedback from community members by February 15th on proposed projects to improve travel on the State Route 49 corridor between Auburn and Grass Valley.
Information on the plan and projects is now available for review at www.Hwy49CorridorPlan.com.
Comments or questions about the projects may be submitted to Caltrans Planning Manager Will Schilling at will.schilling@dot.ca.gov .
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Share your thoughts and ideas on how Nevada County can adapt its transportation system to respond to changing climate conditions and extreme climate events.
Use our Interactive Map and Take the Survey at:
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Welcome to the Nevada County Transportation Commission (NCTC) website.  Our website is organized to give you convenient access to a wide range of information about NCTC and the services we provide in both regional transportation planning and airport land use planning.

The Mission of the NCTC is to Plan, Communicate and Coordinate with the citizens and decision makers of Nevada County, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Truckee, and Caltrans to create a balanced regional transportation system. 

This includes administration of regional, state, and federal funding for projects related to roadways, bridges, public transportation services, railways, airports, bicycle facilities, and pedestrian amenities. Throughout this process the NCTC seeks to protect the rural qualities and historic character of Nevada County.

In developing these transportation solutions, the NCTC initiates design concepts, engineering feasibility studies, environmental studies, and proposes funding sources to construct transportation improvements. Once these tasks are completed, projects are turned over to Caltrans or to a local jurisdiction for construction.

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