RCTF Pavement Needs Assessment

RCTF Rural Counties Pavement Needs Assessment

Rural Counties Task Force:  Streets and Roads Performance Measurement Data Project

The Nevada County Transportation Commission (NCTC) was selected as the project leader by the Rural Counties Task Force (RCTF) to contract with a qualified consultant to provide each of the RCTF members with the data and methods that will help them coordinate performance measures with the goals of the Regional Transportation Plans, and to improve monitoring and reporting of performance measurement within the regional transportation planning process.  NCE was chosen as the consultant to do the work. 

The objective of this project was to develop the following:

  • A comparison of revenues versus operation and maintenance needs.
  • Three pavement maintenance scenarios including:

            a) Continuation of the current funding level with a focus on preventive maintenance.
            b) Current funding level with a focus on worst roads.
            c) Increased spending with a focus on cost effective pavement maintenance.

On January 5, 2015, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for Assessing Bridge and Pavement Condition for the National Highway Performance Program.  A NPRM is a public notice issued by law when one of the agencies of the United States government wishes to add, remove, or change a rule or regulation as part of the rulemaking process.  It is an important part of United States administrative law, which facilitates a process of taking public comment.  The information included in the NPRM was reviewed by the project consultant, NCE, and their analysis is included in the final report for the Streets and Roads Performance Measurement Data Project.  This will enable rural California agencies to make comments regarding performance measurement standards that will be adopted by the FHWA.  NCE completed the final report and delivered it to the RCTF.

CA RCTF 2015 Rural Counties Pavement Needs Assessment - Final Report by NCE February 2015

Staff Memo to NCTC at 5-20-15 Meeting re: RCTF Streets and Roads Performance Measurement Data Project

RCTF Fact Sheet for 2015 Pavement Needs Assessment