The Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) consists of representatives of potential transit users including the general public, seniors and/or disabled; social service providers for seniors, disabled, and persons of limited means; local consolidated transportation service agencies; and Truckee residents who represent the senior and Hispanic communities.

The goal of the SSTAC is to maintain and improve transportation services to the residents of Nevada County, particularly the elderly and disabled. The SSTAC recommends action to the Commission relative to the unmet transit needs and advises the Commission on transit issues, including coordination and consolidation of specialized transportation services. The makeup of the SSTAC is prescribed by the Transportation Development Act (P.U.C. Section 99238).

There are currently positions open for a representative of a local social service provider for seniors, and a representative of the Hispanic community in the Truckee area.  Membership is secured by filling out an application through the Nevada County Transportation Commission office and being appointed by the Commission for a three-year term.  Applications can be submitted via email to, faxed to (530) 265-3260, or mailed to:  Nevada County Transportation Commission, 101 Providence Mine Road, Suite 102, Nevada City, CA  95959. 

Application for Appointment to the SSTAC

SSTAC Members:

Joe Glick Potential transit users age 60 or older
Lindsey Wells Potential transit users with disabilities
Vacant Social service provider for seniors
Vacant Social service provider for seniors
Vacant Social service provider for the disabled
Matt Trefero Social service transportation provider for the disabled
Faye Hignight
Social service provider for persons of limited means
Alfred Knotts Consolidated transportaton services agency
Robin Van Valkenburgh
Consolidated transportation services agency
Blake Hinman
Transit users in western Nevada County
The Hispanic community in the Truckee area