Local airports enhance mobility and connectivity, while also providing emergency response, fire suppression, law enforcement accessibility, tourism options, and travel opportunities.  Airports play an important role in safety efforts, day-to-day quality of life, and efficient sustainability of communities.  They add a critical element to the regional transportation network of a county and must be maintained and overseen as the community expands and development plans are proposed.

On May 19, 2010 the Nevada County Transportation Commission (NCTC) accepted designation as the Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) for the Nevada County Airport (NCTC Resolution 10-29), as proposed and established by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors and members of the City Selection Committee from the City of Grass Valley, Nevada City, and the Town of Truckee.  The NCTC authorized its staff to support the newly formed ALUC and approved a fee schedule to review land use proposals and airport plans.  NCTC Commission members are also Nevada County ALUC Commissioners.

The Truckee Tahoe Airport is an "intercounty" airport situated in both Nevada County and Placer County, therefore a special ALUC with representatives from both counties was formed.  Six of the members are selected, one each, by Placer and Nevada Counties' Board of Supervisors, City Selection Committees, and Airport Managers of each county.  A seventh member is chosen by the six members to represent the general public.  NCTC authorized its staff on May 19, 2010 to support the new Truckee Tahoe Airport Land Use Commission (TTALUC) with NCTC Resolution 10-30. 

Nevada County Airport runway
Nevada County Airport in Grass Valley, CA
Aerial view of Truckee Airport approach in winter
Truckee Tahoe Airport is in both Nevada and Placer County

 ALUCs have three primary functions under state law:

    1.      The adoption of land use standards that minimize the public's exposure to safety hazards and excessive levels of noise.
     2.          Prevent the encroachment of incompatible land uses around public-use airports.
    3.     The preparation of an Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan for the area around each public use airport that defines compatible land uses for noise, safety, airspace protection, and overflight.  The ALUC also performs consistency determinations for proposed projects in the area covered by the Compatibility Plan.  





Estimated additional charge2




Regulations, Permits & Other Actions




Specific Plans



General Plan  Amendments/Updates



Airport Master Plan Consistency



1 The Deposit is the minimum charge and is non-refundable.


2 If review of the proposed project requires that outside consulting or other contract services be obtained, the Estimated Additional Charge must be deposited before the application can be considered complete.  After the project review is completed, the applicant may receive a bill for additional payment due or a refund, depending on actual costs incurred. When the cost of review reaches 80% of the deposited amount, the applicant will be notified that additional payment may be required at completion of the review.

   The Nevada County ALUC adopted these fees on November 17, 2010 (Resolution 10-02).
The Truckee Tahoe ALUC adopted these fees on January 28, 2011 (Resolution 11-01).

Nikki Riley - Nevada County Board of Supervisors
Brent P. Collinson - Placer County Airport Managers
 Cindy Gustafson - Placer County Board of Supervisors
 Alyssa Silhi- Placer County City Selection Committee
Jan Zabriskie  - Nevada County City Selection Committee
Robb Etnyre - Truckee Tahoe Airport Managers
Vacant - General Public
If you would like more information about the ALUCs in Nevada County, contact Mike Woodman at (530) 265-3202 or email

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Section 21670.1 of the California Public Utilities Code permits the Board of Supervisors and the City Selection Committee in a California county to make a determination by majority vote that proper land use planning for airports can be accomplished through the actions of an appropriately designated body, and that body so designated shall assume the planning responsibilities of an airport land use commission.

 Section 21670.4 of the California Public Utilities Code provides for the establishment of an ALUC for an "intercounty airport".

Nevada County Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (NCALUCP) - Adopted September 21, 2011 - Prepared by Mead & Hunt, Inc. - On this website under "Aviation Reports" (click NCALUCP link).  

Truckee Tahoe Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (TTALUCP) - Adopted October 27, 2016 - Prepared by Mead & Hunt, Inc. - See report under "Aviation Reports" on this website (click TTALUCP link).


Bylaws of the Truckee Tahoe Airport Land Use Commission



TTALUC Agenda June 14, 2019

TTALUC Agenda October 27, 2016

TTALUC Agenda May 6, 2016

TTALUC Agenda March 31, 2016

TTALUC Exec Dir Report March 31, 2016

TTALUC Agenda Teleconference November 16, 2015

TTALUC Exec Dir Report November 16, 2015
TTALUC Agenda May 30, 2014

TTALUC Minutes - May 30, 2014
TTALUC Exec Dir Report May 30, 2014
TTALUC Agenda for November 18, 2013 - including Public Hearing
TTALUC Corrected Minutes - November 18, 2013
TTALUC Agenda for October 4, 2013
TTALUC Corrected Minutes - October 4, 2013
TTALUC Exec Dir Report for October 4, 2013
TTALUC Agenda for December 19, 2012
TTALUC Corrected Minutes for December 19, 2012
TTALUC Agenda for April 6, 2012
TTALUC Minutes for April 6, 2012
TTALUC Agenda for July 20, 2011
TTALUC Corrected Minutes for July 20, 2011
TTALUC Agenda for January 28, 2011
TTALUC Minutes for January 28, 2011
TTALUC Agenda October 19, 2010
TTALUC Minutes for October 19, 2010

The Nevada County ALUC (NCALUC) meets during the NCTC meetings, therefore NCALUC Agendas and Minutes are incorporated into NCTC documents as follows: 

NCALUC Agenda May 17, 2017 (#14-15)

NCALUC Agenda January 21, 2015 (#15-16)

NCALUC Minutes January 21, 2015
NCALUC Agenda September 17, 2014 (#16-17)
NCALUC Minutes September 17, 2014 (#15)
NCALUC Agenda May 21, 2014 (#14-15)
NCALUC Minutes May 21, 2014 (#14-15) 
NCALUC Agenda December 11, 2013 (#1-3)
NCALUC Minutes December 11, 2013 (#1-3)
NCALUC Agenda September 18, 2013 (#16)
NCALUC Minutes September 18, 2013 (#16)