Highways, Streets & Roads Reports

Nevada County

Higgins Corner, SR 49/Combie/Wolf Intersection
This report summarizes findings of examination of the SR 49/Combie/Wolf intersection. It includes turning movement data collection, saturation flow rate surveys, capacity analysis, commuter travel patterns, and a refinement of the NCTC traffic model.

Nevada City

Gold Flat Road Corridor

NCTC was asked by Nevada City to be the lead agency on a Gold Flat Road Corridor Traffic Analysis.  Several consultants submitted proposals and Omni Means was chosen to do the work.  NCTC staff established a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) to guide the development of the traffic analysis.  The PAC consists of representatives from Caltrans, Nevada City Engineering Department, NCTC, and Nevada County Public Works Department.  The project kick-off meeting with Omni Means and the PAC was held on August 4, 2015 to review the work plan and to receive input on the study process.  The consultant  completed a data collection phase of the project and developed the base mapping for the corridor.  Traffic counts in the corridor were conducted the week following Labor Day Weekend 2015.  Intersection observations and developing potential corridor improvement plans were completed in September.  Omni Means then developed a computer model simulation showing the base year traffic analysis for the corridor and reconvened the PAC in October 2015. 

The traffic analysis identified the long range transportation solutions that will be needed in the corridor, as well as when they will be required.  The analysis evaluated the AM Peak Hour, School PM Peak Hour, and Commute PM Peak Hour for both existing and future (2035) traffic conditions for the following intersections:
  • Gold Flat Road / Ridge Road / Zion Street / Nevada City Highway
  • Gold Flat Road / Searls Avenue / Lower Grass Valley Road
  • Gold Flat Road / SR 20/49 Southbound Ramps
  • Gold Flat Road / SR 20/49 Northbound Ramps
  • Gold Flat Road / Hollow Way
With construction of the Dorsey Drive Interchange in 2014, an updated analysis was necessary to address changes in travel patterns and to re-evaluate the need for improvements in the Gold Flat Corridor. The consultant developed a Recommended Improvement Plan and a Draft Report.  The Final Report (see link below) was accepted at the March 16, 2016 NCTC meeting with adoption of Resolution 16-10.
Gold Flat Road Corridor Study Final Report, March 2016 - completed by Omni Means

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An evaluation of the Gold Flat Road Corridor was completed in 2008 and 2009 (see below) of existing and future traffic conditions along Gold Flat Road in the western portion of Nevada City.  Potential improvements were considered to ensure adequate traffic conditions in the future.
 Gold Flat Road Corridor Study - completed by LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc.