Grass Valley, Nevada City & Nevada County

The Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee (RTMF) Program was created as a cooperative agreement between the City of Grass Valley, Nevada City, and Nevada County to set regional fees that would be collected to mitigate the expense of improving roadways affected by new development or expansion of existing residential and commercial structures. The purpose of developing the RTMF Program was to ensure that future growth would fully mitigate both its direct and cumulative impacts on regional transportation facilities. The County and the two participating cities are responsible for imposing and collecting the fee in their respective areas of jurisdiction. The NCTC is designated as the RTMF Program Administrator to work closely with member jurisdictions to coordinate all aspects of the program.  

When NCTC developed the RTMF, every effort was taken to ensure that the fee assessment would be tied to the actual traffic generated by each new project. Moreover, the mitigation fee was structured to ensure that the amount paid by each project would not exceed the estimated and reasonable cost to mitigate the project's proportionate share of added traffic it generated. Existing funds alone are inadequate to construct the regional system improvements needed to avoid unacceptable levels of traffic congestion. The RTMF provides additional funds to complement local transportation programs and other funding sources.

The RTMF Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a listing of projects and priorities that have been approved by NCTC to improve the regional transportation system through the year 2030.

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