Transit Reports

Eastern Nevada County

Eastern Nevada County Transit Development Plan (ENCTDP) prepared by LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc.

As part of the regional transportation planning process, NCTC, the Town of Truckee, and the consulting firm LSC Transportation Consultants is in the process of updating the Eastern Nevada County Transit Development Plan (ENCTDP). This study will analyze a wide range of service, capital, institutional and management, and financial alternatives. The consultant will evaluate the existing local and regional transit systems in place (including microtransit service(s)), opportunities for improved coordination in the region, identify the most efficient approach to meet the needs of the public, and carefully identify where transit resources should be prioritized and allocated over the five-year planning period. Public involvement and outreach activities are integral components of this study. The final product will guide the provision of services over the next five-year period, within the financial revenues projected, and include a prioritized implementation plan to accomplish the plan recommendations. 
The following is the schedule for the ENCTDP update:
September 2023 – Stakeholder Interview, Community Pop-Up
October 2023 – Technical Memo 1 (Existing Conditions)
December 2023 – Community Pop-Up
February 2024 – Public Workshop, Community Pop-Up
March 2024 – Administrative Draft Report
July 2024 – Draft Report
September 2024 – Final Report
2024 Truckee TDP Workshop flyer

Western Nevada County

Western Nevada County Transit Development Plan Update

The WNCTDP is updated every five years. NCTC hired WSP USA Inc. to update the Western Nevada County Transit Development Plan.  The purpose of the WNCTDP update is to provide guidance to the Nevada County Transit Services Division and Transit Services Commission for making sustainable operational adjustments and capital purchases for the fixed route transit system and paratransit services over a five year planning period. 

The WNCTDP update will analyze a wide range of transit and paratransit service options, capital needs, institutional and management improvements, and financial alternatives in order to develop a financially constrained five-year short-range transit operating plan. The WNCTDP will include a year-by-year implementation schedule for all plan elements, identifying the responsible parties and financial requirements. 

Countywide Transit Reports

Nevada County Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Plan Update

The Nevada County Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan update is a countywide plan that will focus on ways to support and expand on the coordination activities and opportunities for transportation services among the various human service entities and the private and public transportation service providers.  The plan will document existing needs and gaps in transportation services and identify operational and capital strategies to address them.  The Federal Transit Administration grant funding programs require projects be included in a current Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan in order to be eligible for funding.