Transit Reports

Western Nevada County

Western Nevada County Transit Development Plan Update 2016 - 2021 
The update report of the Western Nevada County Transit Development Plan (WNCTDP) was approved at the May 18, 2016 Nevada County Transportation Commission (NCTC) meeting.  The WNCTDP is updated every five years. NCTC hired LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. to update the 2010 Western Nevada County Transit Development Plan.  The purpose of the WNCTDP update is to provide guidance to the Nevada County Transit Services Division and Transit Services Commission for making sustainable operational adjustments and capital purchases for the fixed route transit system and paratransit services over the five-year planning period of 2016 to 2021.

Public workshops were held on July 28, 2015 and December 7, 2015, at the Grass Valley City Hall.  The purpose of the first public workshop was to provide an overview of the study process to update the plan, the consultant's analysis of existing transit and paratransit services, and to receive input on transit needs and potential service alternatives.  The second public workshop provided the public with an opportunity to review and comment on the consultant's identification and evaluation of potential transit and paratransit service alternatives.  This input was incorporated into the development of the Draft WNCTDP, which includes a five-year capital plan, financial plan, and implementation plan.  An overview of the Draft Report was presented to the Transit Services Commission (TSC) at their March 16, 2016 meeting and the comments received have been incorporated into the Final WNCTDP.
The WNCTDP forecasts that without any operational changes, starting in FY 2016/17, the total fixed route transit and paratransit operating costs will begin to out-pace the expected revenue.  Therefore, the financial plan will necessitate using some of the transit reserve funds over the plan period totaling $1,365,000.  The financial plan provides a conservative estimate of revenues and is achievable because of the strong reserve fund balance, but the need to rely on the reserve funding underscores the importance for continued monitoring of financial conditions and operating costs.

Eastern Nevada County

Eastern Nevada County Transit Development Plan (ENCTDP) Final Report
 Prepared by LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc.

This report provides a transit plan tailored to existing conditions in Eastern Nevada County. It reviews demographic factors and recent operating history of the Truckee Transit, Truckee Dial-A-Ride, and Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART). It includes an analysis of demand for transit services, a review of available funding sources and analysis of a wide range of service, capital, institutional, management and financial alternatives, and it develops a transit plan to guide the growth of services and a plan for implementation. The ENCTDP Final Report was approved at the March 21, 2018 NCTC meeting.

ENCTDP Final Report - March 2018

Countywide Transit Reports

Nevada County Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Plan Update
The update of the Nevada County Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Plan has been completed.  The Plan's goal is to improve mobility for county residents through better coordination of services among public transit, transportation providers, and human service agencies in Nevada County.

Public outreach efforts conducted for the update solicited input from representatives of public and non-profit human services agencies, public and non-profit transportation agencies, and users of the public transportation system in both eastern and western Nevada County.  The first round of the outreach focused on collecting input on public transportation needs, potential strategies to address the needs, and opportunities for coordination.  The initial round of outreach included surveys, workshops, and presentations to the Nevada County Adult and Family Services Commission and Accessible Transportation Coalition-Mobility Action Partners group. A second round of workshops were held in both eastern and western Nevada County to receive input on the strategies and prioritization to be recommended in the draft plan.  The input received was incorporated into the draft report.  The final report was accepted as complete January 21, 2015.

Final Nevada County Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Plan Update - December 17, 2014