SR 49 Corridor Plans

SR 49 Corridor Plans

SR 49 Widening Project from La Barr Meadows Road to the McKnight Way Interchange

On August 5, 2015, Caltrans hosted an open house at Grass Valley City Hall to present an overview of the SR 49 Widening Project.  The public had the opportunity to view various alternative concepts that could be constructed to meet the project purpose of improving safety, traffic operations, and pedestrian and bicycle mobility from north of the La Barr Meadows Road intersection to the McKnight Way interchange.

The open house was attended by approximately 50 people.  As shown in the attached Hwy. 49 Widening Open House Rating Sheet, the alternative favored by most people is Option 4, which is 4 lanes with a 22 foot median and frontage roads.  The comments received will be utilized in the Project Approval and Environmental Documentation (PA/ED) phase of the project currently being conducted by Caltrans.  Following completion of PA/ED in FY 2016/17, Caltrans will begin work on Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E).

Caltrans SR 49 Open House Widening Project Options to Consider

Maps of Proposed Design Elements of Widening Project
(December 2007)